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Here at the University of Portland, International languages and cultures faculty members guide and inspire students to experience other cultures through the study of language and literature, and through periods of total immersion abroad. In their teaching and in their research, faculty are dedicated to the study of language and literature for its own power and pleasure, and as a means of promoting understanding and enjoyment of cultural differences. They are committed to student-centered instruction, which develops the international language proficiency and confidence majors and minors need to be successful in graduate programs, as well as in a wide range of careers, such as business, government, education, social work, and health care.

The Department of International Languages and Cultures offers a French studies major, a German studies major, a Spanish major, and minors in French, German, and Spanish. The international languages and cultures program offers courses in Chinese and in French, German, and Spanish language, literature, and culture. Students interested in an international languages and cultures major or minor should consult with the department chair.

All students beginning their study of French or Spanish at the University of Portland are encouraged to take a free online placement test. After taking the test, the student will receive information indicating which course will provide the best fit for the student's level of proficiency. Spanish or German students should contact the chair of the international languages and cultures department for information on how to access the exam.