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The Spanish program seeks to prepare students for living and working with individuals from Spanish speaking countries either overseas or within the borders of the United States. The program includes courses which develop language proficiency in listening comprehension, speaking, writing, and reading. Courses focus on pertinent cultural issues, literary analysis and history, and professional terminology. This major will prepare students for careers in education, social services, business, and medicine.

The Spanish major requires that the student complete 27 credit hours which must include SPN 301, SPN 302, one class with a focus on Spanish cultural production, and one Latin American literature course. The Spanish major requires study abroad in a Spanish speaking country; students may participate in one of the University's programs in Spain or Latin America, or an accredited program offered by another institution. The student should plan his or her study abroad experience so that at least one additional foreign language course may be taken on campus upon the student's return.

In addition to any certificate or degree a student may earn from the University of Portland, students graduating with a B.A. in French Studies, German Studies, German, or Spanish are required to take the computerized STAMP 4S language proficiency assessment before graduation. Given the large number of language majors, ILC has adopted an every-two-year testing model in which Spanish students will be tested every other year (our goal would be to test 100% of them in the future, as funding increases). Majors will be contacted to take the exam during the spring semester and will be required to attend two testing sessions, one for the assessment of reading, writing and the other for the assessment of listening and speaking. As our use of the STAMP 4S is relatively new, the department is still in the process of developing benchmarks. The testing of the students' competency will give the students national certification of their actual skill levels; such certification of both oral and written skills should provide students and employers with an accurate comparative indicator of a student's overall competency in the language.

Major requirements and course descriptions can be found here