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German Studies

The German Studies major provides students with the opportunity to become proficient in the German language while also becoming knowledgeable about social, historical, and political factors that shape and define German-speaking cultures. The German studies major in particular is interdisciplinary, and it creates connections among a number of disciplines which are cornerstones of the liberal arts tradition. The combination of these courses under a cohesive curriculum allows students to gain proficiency in the German language while also learning to think and reason across disciplinary boundaries. Additionally, the current trend toward globalization means that students must become not only informed citizens and leaders within their own community and country but also in the world at large. By becoming knowledgeable in global political and social processes through German, students will learn to understand complex international relationships and gain an appreciation for different cultures. The German studies major supports students in their developing roles as leaders in their community and the world.
Major requirements and course descriptions can be found here