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French Studies

The French Studies major is an interdisciplinary major which combines courses from the department of French with those from other disciplines, the content of which directly relates to France and French-speaking countries.

The program is designed to offer its majors the opportunity to achieve proficiency in writing, speaking, comprehending and reading the French language, while at the same time broadening and deepening their knowledge, understanding an appreciation of the cultures of France and the francophone world.

Since the goal of the French studies major is to focus on the acquisition of language proficiency and to incorporate contributions from more than one field of study, it prepares students for careers in international law, teaching, government services, foreign missions, translating, the non-profit sector and for positions in business that require a knowledge of the French language and culture.

French studies majors are required to complete 18 upper-division credit hours of French courses and 9 upper-division credit hours from at least two of the following disciplines: philosophy, history, and political science. Students pursuing a B.A. degree in French studies also must spend a minimum of six weeks studying French in France or a francophone country. Study abroad opportunities include IES programs in Nantes (semester only), Paris (summer or semester), and Arles (summer only).

Students will acquire 6 upper-division credits when studying in Paris or Arles during the summer and 15 upper-division credits when studying a semester in Paris or Nantes.

French studies majors should plan their study abroad so they can take at least one additional French course after returning to the University of Portland.

Major requirements and course descriptions can be found here.