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Past NUCL Information

NUCL Keynotes, 2004-2016

  • 2016    William Deresiewicz:  “The Self in Society and the Humanities in Both”
  • 2015    Tim Dayton, Professor of English, Kansas State U.: “Patriotic Gore Revisited: World War One, American Literature, and One Way to Make a Book About It.”
  • 2014    Janine Utell, Associate Professor, Widener U.: “Scenes from a Life Loving Books; Or, Everything I Think I Know about Stories I Learned from Barry Manilow”
  • 2013    Cindy Weinstein, Professor, California Institute of Technology, “When is Now? Time in American Literature”
  • 2012    Dr. Lara Bovilsky, Associate Professor, U. Oregon: “The Science of Wonder”
  • 2011    Mark Edmundson, Professor, U. Virginia, “Self and Soul: The Modern Dilemma”
  • 2010    Ben Saunders, Associate Professor, U. Oregon: “Wonder Woman in Bondage: Gender, Power, and the Amazon Superhero”
  • 2009    Professor Eric Sundquist, Professor, U.C.L.A: “Philip Roth’s Holocaust”
  • 2008    Margreta de Grazia, Professor, U. Pennsylvania: “Re-seeing the Modern in the Early Modern”
  • 2007    Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein-Graff, Professors, U. Illinois at Chicago: “Demystifying Academia”   
  • 2006    John Carlos Rowe, Professor, U. Southern California: “Reading Reading Lolita in Tehran in Idaho”
  • 2005    Felicity Nussbaum, Professor, U.C.L.A.: “The Private Goes Public: from Boswell to the Blog”
  • 2004    Albert Gelpi, Professor Emeritus, Stanford U: “What is Found There: the Form of Open Form Poetry”