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Comments from NUCL Participants

"I think just presenting my paper was a great experience for me. I wasn't sure what to expect, especially when it opened up for questions, but I think we had great conversations. Being part of a panel took some of the pressure off, and encouraged me to engage in critical conversation outside one of my classes at Willamette." - student from Willamette University

"The highlight of the NUCL experience was the discussion generated by the poems and papers after they were read. People had very insightful and interesting things to say. It was lovely to have a conversation about literature outside of the classroom." - student from Reed College

"The main thing that I learned from the conference was how to write a more cohesive and clear argument. I enjoyed listening to the upperclassmen speak and be able to follow their argument well. I thought that the conference had a wealth of information from which I could learn." - student from Lewis & Clark College

"I would definitely recommend it to others. It is a good experience for undergraduates to have."- student from Western Oregon University

"Getting to hear other students read their poetry was the highlight of my experience [at NUCL]. It was also great to talk to other people who were as interested in poetry as I am." - student from Willamette University

"The keynote speech [by Prof. Nussbaum] was wonderful. It was very interesting to me, both stylistically and topically.. I really want to get a couple of her books now, as well as some she quoted from in the speech." - student from University of Portland

"It was really great to hear so many wonderful papers and the discussions that they evoked. Everybody was really positive, and it was great to see them so excited about participating." - student from Oregon State University