Student Leadership and Advisory Council

Student Leadership & Advisory Council Members, 2020-2021

  • Biology - Dulce Sanabria Garcia
  • Chemistry - Kailin Mooney
  • Communication Studies - Sophie Downing
  • English - Carlos Fuentes
  • Environmental Studies - Doug Rossi
  • History - Hazel Stange
  • International Languages & Cultures - Drew Gibson
  • Mathematics - Chloe Campbell
  • Performing & Fine Arts - Mikelle Kelly
  • Philosophy - Madison Johnson
  • Physics - Kaylin Ingalls
  • Political Science & Global Affairs - Grace Fortson
  • Psychological Sciences - Katherine Tolcher
  • Sociology & Social Work - Siena Henson
  • Theology - Sage Taylor
  • SLAC Advisor - Dr. Brian Rookey

The Student Leadership & Advisory Council is composed of students representing each department in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students are appointed in April of each year by their department chairs in consultation with the faculty to serve for a one-year term. Students may be rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors. Sophomores or juniors may serve for a second term. The Council will meet approximately twice a semester to provide advice to the dean about the programs of the College and assist with projects. Among the tasks of the Council are the following:

  • To suggest how the College may better serve its students and propose new services or events that will promote the College, especially the Core program;
  • To assist departments with curriculum and program reviews, especially by helping to survey students and alumni;
  • To provide advice about how to improve advising in the College;
  • To provide advice about the publications, the web site, and the marketing plan of the College;
  • To suggest programs for inclusion in the College's "Arts and Lectures" series and evaluate the programming;
  • To present each year a sense of the College from a student's perspective to the "Public Advisory Council";
  • To manage parts of the communication plan especially reserved for the Student Advisory Council;
  • To recognize departmental office managers;
  • To select a winner of the Kay Toran Award.
Connor Vinyard

Connor Vinyard - Class of 2020
Biology Major

"I knew before coming to University of Portland that I wanted to be a biology major on a Pre-Med route, and since arriving I have loved all my biology courses and built strong relationships with professors. After college, I will take a year or two before applying to medical school while working at Legacy Health as a scribe. At UP I also enjoy intramural sports, going to basketball and soccer games, and using the beautiful Beauchamp Recreation and Wellness Center. University of Portland also offers plenty of job/volunteer opportunities for aspiring medical students and has helped me prepare for Medical school."

Ruthie Olson

Ruthie Olson - Class of 2020
Mathematics and Theology Major, Physics Minor

"I came to UP with a pretty clear path for my life: get my degree in math, then move on to industry work or grad school. But, while at UP I took a couple of the (required) theology courses and fell in love with those. I was wary at first of adding it on as a major, but I got there through many conversations with friends, family, and professors, and I am now looking towards grad school or work in the realm of theology. Post-grad plans aren't set in stone, but I would love to attend seminary at some point. At UP, I am the Math Club president which provides a great opportunity for all levels of math enthusiasts to get together and work on fun math problems (yes, fun!) with others."

Sawyer Kemmerly

Sawyer Kemmerly - Class of 2020
Physics Major, Philosophy Minor

"I originally came to UP as an Engineering major, but after taking the introductory physics courses I realized that my real interest was with Physics. I found that what I really wanted to do with my life was try to solve the mysteries of the natural world, and to become a professor to inspire future students. During my freshman year I also took the intro to philosophy course, which led me to pursuing a minor in philosophy. I started that class not fully appreciating the discipline, and dreading going to class each week, but over the course of the semester I grew to love it, and it has become a cherished hobby of mine. I also was a first year workshop leader for two years, and I am now the workshop leader coordinator for the 2019-2020 school year. I love to teach and help others to grow!"