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Student Leadership & Advisory Council

Student Leadership & Advisory Council Members, 2015-16

The Student Leadership & Advisory Council is composed of students representing each department in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students are appointed in April of each year by their department chairs in consultation with the faculty to serve for a one-year term. Students may be rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors. Sophomores or juniors may serve for a second term. The Council will meet approximately twice a semester to provide advice to the dean about the programs of the College and assist with projects. Among the tasks of the Council are the following:

  • To suggest how the College may better serve its students and propose new services or events that will promote the College, especially the Core program;
  • To assist departments with curriculum and program reviews, especially by helping to survey students and alumni;
  • To provide advice about how to improve advising in the College;
  • To provide advice about the publications, the web site, and the marketing plan of the College;
  • To suggest programs for inclusion in the College's "Arts and Lectures" series and evaluate the programming;
  • To present each year a sense of the College from a student's perspective to the "Public Advisory Council";
  • To manage parts of the communication plan especially reserved for the Student Advisory Council;
  • To recognize departmental office managers.