College Advisory Councils

The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes the unique role it plays both at the University of Portland and in the greater community beyond The Bluff. As a community of thinkers, artists, musicians, writers, and scientists, the faculty and students of the College are committed to serving the wider University community and her mission of teaching, faith, and service.

To insure that the College continues to respond effectively to the University community and its mission, the dean of the College has created the Student Leadership & Advisory Council. Comprised of student representatives from all the Colleges' academic departments, SAC provides wise counsel to the dean and promotes several projects and programs each year that furthers the College's mission on the Bluff.

To further enhance the College's stellar reputation in the wider Portland community, the dean draws from the energy and talent from members of the Public Advisory Council. Comprised of alumni and close friends of the University with strong ties to the wider Portland community, PAC is charged with assisting the dean in advancing the mission of the College by providing the College with opportunities to reach out and strengthen the bonds that bind us to the wider community.

The faculty, students, and staff of the College are committed to harnessing their gifts, talents, and energy in service to the University community and to those beyond the Bluff. This commitment defines us.