The College Public Advisory and Advancement Council (C - PAAC) advises the dean and leaders of the College of Arts and Sciences about the curriculum, programs, and initiatives of the College, and other matters, as requested by the dean; helps to raise awareness of the College and the University of Portland within the region; and identifies a broad network of potential supporters and contributors to the College.

Membership and Operations

As an advisory council to the dean, C - PAAC consists of no fewer than nine and no more than 18 diverse, non-voting members, chosen from among alumni, regents, and members of the regional community who are committed to the mission of promoting the College of Arts and Sciences.

Council members are selected based on their demonstrated leadership within a profession or the community; their expressed willingness to support the University/College and its faculty and students; and their commitment to attend meetings. Members are recommended to the dean and invited to serve for staggered three year terms and for a maximum of three terms.

Members should meet the following expectations:

  • Provide expertise and insight to guide the College's strategic and tactical plan;

  • Serve on select committees as needed

  • Identify non-financial means of supporting the College such as internships, in-kind services, making introductions, and recruiting volunteers

  • Assist the dean in capital campaigns through identifying and, if possible, soliciting prospects